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Help Us Create A Possobilities Gym!

We are looking to establish a small, specialist ‘Possobilities gym’ in the summer house at the rear of our centre. This will offer specialist equipment to meet the needs of frail, older and disabled people, featuring pneumatic technology that makes equipment easier to use and including machines designed to meet the particular needs of wheelchair users. Cutting edge smart technology will be used to allow people to automatically generate their exercise routines and to track their progress.

The facility will be an inclusive one, which is appropriate for everyone, ranging from people taking occasional light exercise to individuals recovering from sports injuries or illness. The environment will be one where disabled people exercise alongside their non-disabled friends and others.

At least initially, the Possobilities gym will be located at our premises in Closeburn Street. We are able to provide suitable premises for this at a very low cost by housing the gym in the summer house.

Possobilities Gym Equipment

We have discussed potential equipment options with potential suppliers and our preferred supplier at present is HUR. It aims to address societal challenges arising from an ageing society, improve quality of life for the user and to lower costs for society as a whole.

HUR’s pneumatic air pressure (“natural transmission”) equipment differs from traditional gym equipment in a number of ways. The equipment allows for variable load / resistance profiles, reducing stress on joints and connective tissues, thus ensuring safer exercise. Users can start with resistance loads close to zero and increase in very small increments of as low as 100g. This allows for very wide user suitability, ranging from those recovering from injury or illness and frail / elderly individuals, through to others seeking to increase power and strength.  This equipment is specially designed so that users cannot hurt themselves.

Unlike traditional gym equipment, HUR machines are designed to be used by both wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users.

Smart Touch Technology

We also intend to adopt the HUR “smart touch” system as part of the overall package. This system allows for cloud-based storing of user programmes (and progress) and can be accessed by anyone authorised to do so, including medical professionals, thus allowing for referrals, monitoring, collaboration and so on to be carried out on a fully automated and paperless basis.

Using an automated wristband, much of the exercise process is automated for the user by the “smart touch” software including the setting of initial resistance, the number of repetitions required and improvements to the programme as the user becomes stronger. Where appropriate, the software can be used to automatically set seat and lever positions for the user. The software can also be used in a predictive sense, for example in relation to falls prevention.

The establishment of this suite of equipment and supporting software at the Possobilities gym will be the first of its kind in Scotland.

You can support us to build it through the Co-op Local Community Fund!

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